Sour Diesel Strain


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Sativa-dominant hybrid

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Sour Diesel Strain

Buy Sour Diesel Strain Online here. The Sour Diesel Strain originates from the East Coast of the United States. Sour Diesel Strain has a positive and energized high. No doubt it is one of the choice strains across the USA. A potent strain, with a THC content between 20% and 25%. The Sour Diesel Strain is among the popular recreational and medical kush due to its sativa head high and subtle physical indica relaxation. Order Sour Diesel Strain from our online shop now.

This strain is very useful in treating; Mild stress, anxiety, or depression. Use also as a pain and ache reliever and can be a potent aphrodisiac if taking more than 3 hits. That’s a plus for those suffering from Erectile dysfunction.

Sour Diesel Weed

The best place to order Sour Diesel Weed online is from MMj Dispensary. We sell Grade A++ Sour Diesel Weed at budget friendly rates. The Sour Diesel Weed is a Sativa dominant hybrid and has a harsh, acrid smoke that can put you in a more focused and relaxed state. This strain has a quick high with a warm and pleasant head rush that uplift your mood. (i.e feeling of physical relaxation). The high starts quickly unlike other strain and can last for about 2 to 3 hours. Get the best deals on Sour Diesel Weed online from us.


-This strain may cause some to be paranoid, feeling of being out of control. Hence, people with a lower THC tolerance should control their dose.

Common Usage

A Loss of Appetite, Pain, Depressed, Nausea

Typical Effects

Energetic, Cotton Mouth, Euphoric, Focused, Creative. See more here>>


Original Diesel (ChemDawg ’91 x [Massachusetts Super Skunk x Sensi Seeds Northern Lights] x DNL (Northern Lights/Shiva x Hawaiian)


This strain has a pungent blend of fuel, skunk, citrus, and spice aroma.


This strain has a mentholated lime-kissed spice which lingers in the mouth.

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30 grams, 50 grams, 100 grams, 1/2 pound, 1 pound


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