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Harlequin and TGA’s

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Indica-dominant hybrid

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Pennywise Strain

Buy Pennywise Strain Online cheap. The best place to buy Pennywise Strain online at budget friendly rates is from us. Pennywise Strain is an Indica Dominant Hybrid with a sativa and Indica ratio of 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. The strain has a THC of 8% – 15%, with a CBD of 12%. This strain originates from a cross between an indica dominant Harlequin and a Sativa Jack the Ripper. With a THC level that range between 8% – 15%, and a CBD of about 12% , this strain is a good choice for patients suffering from seizures or other medical disorders.

Order Pennywise Strain online. We grow our strain indoors under the right conditions and temperatures. Our strains are pest and mold free. This strain has a wide array of medical benefit. -The high of this strain is a bit mild but has a clear-headed physical high of euphoria making it a good choice for patients with cancer symptoms, arthritis, neurological disorders, and anxiety patients. The high is a bit mild but patients should expect dry eyes, cottonmouth, and paranoia within an hour. These side effects are may be seen or witness in some patients.

Typical Effects

A patient will stay focused after taking a couple of hits as the high of this strain is a clear-headed. Hence, patient smoking Pennywise to sought relief from their medical issues should expect the following effects;

-Sleepy. See more


The flavor of this highly potent strain is a Bubble Gum, Coffee, Herbal, Lemon, and Spicy.


The Pennywise Strain has a Coffee, Herbal, Pepper, Spicy, and Sweet.

May Relieve

The Euphoria effect due to a mild but yet clear-headed physical high makes this strain good for treating;

-Chronic Pain,
-Gastrointestinal Disorder,
and Stress

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