Northern Lights Strain


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Strain Type

Indica-dominant hybrid

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Northern Lights Strain

Buy Northern Lights Strain Online with no hassles here. Northern Lights Strain has its origin from the Pacific Northwest of the USA, later to Amsterdam. The Northern Lights Strain is a Indica-dominant hybrid with a high that give you happiness and put the body into a wonderfully numbing, and lazy mode. With its longstanding history and popularity, has been us to manage several medical and recreational cases. The wide variety of uses is thanks to the THC level of the strain. The Strain is not only very potent with a wonderful body high effect, but this disease and mold-resistant plant is a highly sedative strain use for;

-Relieving the effects of stress and anxiety.

-Use as a medication to treat chronic pain as well. Patients suffering from mild to severe pain can take this strain.

-Strong appetite inducing help those patients suffering from such eating disorders as anorexia. Northern Lights is highly recommended for evening use and insomnia.

Side effects;

Dry mouth and eyes, Dizziness, Paranoia and Anxiety in higher doses.

Common Usage

This strain is use for treating and managing pain, Anxiety , Loss of Appetite, Insomnia, and depression.

Typical Effects

Sedated, Relaxed, Euphoric, Sleepy, and Cotton Mouth. See more here

THC Content

Highest Test 33%, Strain Average 27%, Indica Average 12.5%

Strain Type

Indica-dominant hybrid


This strain has a Piney and earthy, at times lightly sweet aroma.


This strain has a Piney, hashy, and earthy flavor with a slightly tick smoke.


This strain has qualities such as; Very relaxing and indica-dominant effect, at times able to boost sleep. A heavy head, heavy eyelids, and a smile are the main effects of this strain, making it a great nighttime selection. Buy your weed from us at a discount and we will ship the package totally discreet.

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