Headband Strain


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Chem 91 x Super Skunk x Northern Lights

Strain Type

Sativa Dominant Hybrid

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Headband Strain

Buy Headband Strain Online. The best place to buy Headband Strain online legally is from our online Dispensary. The Headband Strain was crossed by Weasel in the East Coast. It is Originally named Diesel #1 and was nicknamed Underdog, and Daywrecker Diesel, upon spreading to the West Coast, it was renamed Headband by Loompa. The Headband Strain is a cross between staple strains OG Kush, Master Kush, and Sour Diesel. This strain has a high THC content of between 20% and 27% with a thick but surprisingly smooth smoke. The Headband Strain has a rounded, creamy mouthfeel smoke. When inhale, this strain has a citrus taste. The high from Headband mounts slowly, with very little sativa effects, this strain is not very effective to tasks that require focus and mental acuity. Buy quality Headband Strain Online at budget friendly rates.

Headband Weed

Order Headband Weed Online Here. We are suppliers of quality Headband Weed. Our buds are grown indoors with the recommended growing conditions and temperatures to obtain a pest and mold free buds. The Headband Weed has a wide array of medical benefits. The Couchlock makes Headband Weed ideal for passive activities in comfortable surroundings, like watching movies or listening to music. Also, Headband’s powerful sedative properties serve as a remedy for mild anxiety and, in large enough doses, for chronic insomnia. and also migraines and muscle spasms. The Headband Weed is also a goof appetite booster. Order quality grade A++ Headband Weed legally from us cheap.

Common Usage

Depressed, A Loss of Appetite, Pain , Nausea, Anxiety. See more

Typical Effects

Red Eye, Euphoric , Relaxed , Focused, Creative , Cotton Mouth, Hallucinations with some body vibrations. Leaving you in a slightly more relaxed state.

THC Content

Highest Test 27%, Strain Average 24%, Indica Average 12.5%


Chem 91 x Super Skunk x Northern Lights


Has a very pungent fuel, skunk, spice, bitter citrus, and rubber aroma.


The headband weed has a skunky, rubbery, and some notes of citrus-pine.


East Coast

Strain Type

Sativa Dominant Hybrid

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30 grams, 50 grams, 100 grams, 1/2 pound, 1 pound


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