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Strain Type: Hybrid

THC Content ; 68.42%
CBD Content;  0.26%
CBN Content;  0.80%

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USA and Canada: 1 to 2 Days

International: 3 to 7 Days ( Delivery Time Depends on Your Location)


Gelato Dank Vapes

Buy Gelato dank vapes Online. The best place to buy Gelato Danke vapes online is from us. This product is an enticing hybrid strain with a dessert-like aroma. This strain is a mix of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. Looking at the potency, it has a high potency level which delivers a relaxed and euphoria feeling to the user. The flavor is a sweet, pungent, flowery scents bring creativity. This strain is rich in CBD and low in THC. The good thing about the Gelato dank vapes is that, the products are naturally grown with no extra products like Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol or MCT making this strain legal in almost all States. Has a wide array of medical benefits to the user. They include; inflammation processes, insomnia, help treat depression and anxiety while improving the bodily functions and enhance mood,and much more.


This strain has a Sweet, pungent, berry-like, creamy. Here for more


The body effects of this strain include; Relaxed, Euphoric, happy, giggly. See more>>>>. However, the effect can be noticed depending on the user’s prior experience, mode of administration and also the THC tolerance of the user. Newbie should take necessary precaution when consuming this strain.


Weight 1 g
Type Hybrid
Type of Product vape cartridge
Strain Gelato
THC Content ; 68.42%
CBD Content;  0.26%
CBN Content;  0.80%

Battery and vape cartridge come with this device
Pre filled with 300 mg CBD
Gelato vape terpenes
Approx 50-100 puffs
Made in USA!


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