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Landrace South African variety

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Durban Poison

Buy Durban Poison Online. The Durban Poison Online is a potent strain with origin from South Africa. This strain is well known for its spicy/sweet smell and taste and it’s clear-headed cerebral effect. This strain has a THC content of between 15% and 25% with a classically dank smell. Strain burns with a thick, lung-expanding smoke with a clear, focused high that hits the smoker right away. This strain has a Sativa buzzy head high which is very helpful for creative endeavors and a strong social lubricant, helping smokers to feel confident and more relaxed.

Durban Poison Strain

Order grade A++ Durban Poison Strain Online from us HERE. The Durban Poison Strain has a wide array of medical and recreational benefits. The medical benefits of this strain are more mental than physical. That is, it gives a sense of mindfulness to those suffering from depression, and anxiety and also those with attention deficit disorders maintain a deep, intense focus. Order quality strains from a legit online dispensary shipping worldwide. Some undesirable side effects include; making them feel on edge and also putting users in a paranoid or out of control mood.

This Strain is suited to daytime than sleepy nighttime use with a high that last between 2 and 3 hours.

Durban Poison cartridge

We also sell quality Durban Poison cartridge. The best place to buy quality cartridge online at budget friendly rates is from MMj Dispensary. Order from a legit online dispensary shipping worldwide now and we will ship the package to your address where ever you are in the world.

Common Usage

A Loss of Appetite, Depressed, Nausea, Anxiety, Pain/migraine relief, and anti-nausea properties.

Typical Effects

Focused, Energetic, Paranoia, Creative, Euphoric. See more here

THC Content

Highest Test 26%, Strain Average 21%, Sativa Average 13.5%

Strain Type



This strain has a sweet and spicy smells.


This strain has a sweet lemon candy flavor.

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30 grams, 50 grams, 100 grams, 1/2 pound, 1 pound


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