What are Drip carts?

BUY PURE DRIP CARTS. Pure drip carts was made through a process know as fractional distillation. This is to obtain an extract of about 85%+ THC as the initial material. Pure extracted sativa and indicas are sourced and used to mix into the distillate to give this cart its unique strain profile.

Are Pure drip carts legit?

Pure drip carts are legit if you buy from the right source. To buy original drip carts, contact us today and your package will be deliver directly at your doorsteps.

How can you tell a real drip cart?

To know the cart is not fake, check for the mandated packaging symbols like the California’s THC warning label. In case the scanned result does not match with the one on the package, that’s an indication that the cart is a fake. But beware of illegal carts for they do not follow the potency standards. Nevertheless, when you come across carts that their code do not match with the standard checks, know they are fake and to be on the safe side, stay far away from such products. Order


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