Blueberry Kush


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Thai Sativa x Afghan Indica

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Blueberry Kush

Buy Blueberry Kush Online from us. The best place to buy Blueberry Kush online is from MMj Dispensary. This strain is from a cross between Thai Sativa x Afghan Indica and has a lot of medical and recreational benefits. This strain helps to boost appetite and generates feelings of sedation and sleepiness due to its indica heritage. This strain is also good for treating and managing natural pain and general body wellness. Due to the indica content, it is ideal to take this strain in the evening or night hours. MMj is a legit online dispensary shipping worldwide.

Blueberry Kush Strain

Order quality grade A+ indoor Blueberry Kush Strain cheap. The Blueberry Kush Strain we sell at MMj Dispensary are grown indoors under the best growing standards. Our Weed strains are mold and pest free. Order the best weed strains from us today legally. This strain is also used for nausea and anorexia and, to a lesser degree, for stress and anxiety relief. Grade A++ Strain for sale.

Common Usage

Anxiety, Nausea, Pain, Depressed, Insomnia. See more here

Typical Effects

Relaxed, Creative, Sedated, Euphoric, Dizziness

THC Content

Highest Test 24%, Strain Average 20.5%, Indica Average 12.5%


Blueberry x Afghan Indica


This Strain has a slightly musky and putrid sweetness. Buy cannabis oil for cancer online at a discount.


This strain is a beautiful candy berry/muffin taste. Best place to buy cannabis seeds online


The qualities of this strain are a light Sativa effects such as eye, face, temple pressure fluctuations, but also with an immediate relief in the neck area, and shoulders.

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